About Us

LDY designs and manufactures a range of LED lighting equipment especially suitable for the aquatic environment. Our exclusive encapsulation technology enables optimum conditions with regard to confinement and safety.

LDY products are powerful, highly resistant, small in size, and house top quality LEDS. Compared to halogen HMI, HTI, the energy consumption of LEDS is minimal and their lifespan is 30 times longer.

Whatever your requirements , LDY's research and design department- with its special experience in lighting in confined spaces,- is able to provide effective solutions to all your problems.

LDY offers solutions for submerged work sites, for research, film and photo shoots, underwater cave exploration, port security, aquaculture, marine aquarology, lighting equipment for underwater robots and specially designed lighting for boats.

Long term environmental protection and the use of LED technology and short circuitry are key factors taken into account in the design, installation and functioning of lighting systems, thus enabling reduction in the carbon footprint.

* encapsulation: a manufacturing process which affords maximum protection for electronic components allowing them to withstand harsh environmental hazards.